About Kidkedoo

As parents we want to empower our kids, we want to see them flourish, grow and become independent. Kids are curious creatures that ask everybody everything all the time. In some cases we know the answers, in others, we don't, and in some cases, we just don't have the time or patience to sit down and answer them. Therefore, on many occasions their questions remain unanswered. Every time this happens, we are missing an opportunity, since knowledge empowers kids and leverages their self-esteem.
Since we couldn't find any place, platform, or tool that will enable young kids who can't read yet to find the information they want, we decided to create Kidkedoo. This way, our kids could explore in a safe and engaging environment, with amazing content that is adjusted to their point of view. Kidkedoo is about making knowledge accessible to young kids (ages 3-8) who can’t read yet. We create original and engaging content dedicated for enhancing kids' sense of wonder and encourage their curiosity.

The more kids know, the more they want to know!

Our Wikids Apps

Our Wikids apps, an encyclopedia that talks to kids, are designed for an independent exploration experience, by presenting entries accompanied by images, text, and narration (30 seconds in a friendly voice). All of the entries are interrelated to offer a unique and holistic exploration experience, to broaden kids' horizons, and help them create associations.

Our apps turn playtime into a meaningful learning experience!

Our Story

When Ori, my son, was 5 years old, his kindergarten teacher asked him to find information about koalas "on the computer." So we googled it together. I typed in the word “koala” and when we got the results page, you should have seen the look on his face: "Mommy, do we have to read all of that?” So, we tried doing a voice-search, which gave us the first line from Wikipedia (Scientific facts, in a dry language that don’t really give you the essence of what you need to know).
As adults we strive for our kids to be independent, but when it comes to knowledge, they depend on others, who don’t always have the time/ capacity/ willingness/ knowledge to give the right answers.
so I looked for a website, tool, platform, app - anything, that would let young kids who can't read yet get the answers they need. There wasn't, and at that moment Kidkedoo was born.

- Inbal Miron, CEO and Co-Founder

Our Team

Inbal Miron-Bershteyn
Co-founder, CEO

A Mother of three curious kids, fueled by excitement and a desire to create, Entrepreneur with 15+ years' experience in senior product management positions at leading companies from the forex, gaming, and comparison shopping fields. A person of vision, imagination, out of the box thinking, a dreamer, with great desire to learn and grow. "I just love what I do (and the impact of it on other people)". Holds a B.A. in Social Sciences from the Open University.
Yoav Meyrav
Co-founder, Chief of knowledge

A father of two curious kids, Experienced researcher and editor, formerly at the Hebrew Encyclopedia at Schocken Publishing house. Philosophy lecturer and PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University.
Inbal Geffen
Co-founder, CTO

A mother of two curious kids,
Startup & Mobile business consultant, co-founder of Appoxee (Acquired by TerraData). With more than 10 years of experience in the field of web & app development. B.A. in Computer Science from the Open University.

Also in our team:
A marketing advisor, android and iOS developers, a psychologist and an educational content writer.
But the most important members of our team, are our kids.