Kids apps that must be on your mobile device (Mako and Clalit Health Services- #1 in Israel)

June 28, 2017

The summer vacation is approaching, and with it the thought that constantly flickers in our heads: What do we do with the children?
We are proud to be one of 5 apps (Actually our CTO, Inbal Geffen has 2 apps, WIkids and Piano for toddlers on that list) that should be on your mobile.
They will help you not only spend quality time and education with your children at home or anywhere else, but also plan your next trip... to read more (Hebrew)>>

We thought we are addressing our app for kids… we were wrong!

March 23, 2017

following our CEO, Inbal Miron, inspiring talk at the "UXI Live 2017" confrence about our experience in building/developing and devoting product for kids.
the talk main points were:
Before our encyclopedia talks to kids, it should appeal to parents!
Attitude ≠ Behavior
We’re following our heart, our kids, and our users!
and our conclusions
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We're nominated!! "The Bootstrap Startup of the Year 2016"

January 4, 2017

Wikids, an encyclopedia that talks to kids is nominated in "The Bootstrap Startup of the Year 2016" category at the 5th annual Geektime Award. We're super-extra honored, excited, and humbled to be in that list. We've come a long way! All we need is your love, and your vote for WIkids!

Google Home Shows the Need for Content for Kids

May 19, 2016

Google has announced that it is launching a new product called Google Home, a smart speaker which responds to voice commands. Google Home will be backed with AI but will it give kids the right answers to their questions?

We are always happy to see advancements being made in the seamless interface market, and with each step made, we grow more confident that Kidkedoo’s content will prove increasly valuable.

Our content, currently available on the Wikids app, enables kids who can’t read yet satisfy their curiosity and nurture their natural thirst for knowledge. We will continue to create more content and will always strive to make it available to kids anywhere, using any interface.

Kidkedoo Reaches High Altitudes

March 1, 2016

We are extremely happy to be featured on easyJet’s in-flight magazine, Traveller. Our Co-Founder Inbal Miron-Bershteyn was interviewed as part of an article about women in the Israeli startup scene.

Inbal said: “Everything I learned here increased my confidence and success. To be an entrepreneur is like riding a roller-coaster. Having a supportive community that encourages you and believes in you is like the seatbelt that keeps you safe during the ride.”

You can check out the full story here

Kidkedoo Partners with Fingerprint

February 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Fingerprint Digital, developer of the leading mobile education and entertainment platform for kids and families. As part of the partnership, Kidkedoo’s leading product, Wikids, will potentially reach millions of kids using tablet computers worldwide. The Wikids app will be available in several of Fingerprint Digital's mobile networks, including Samsung Kids, Samsung KidsTime and the Playaway LaunchPad for US libraries.

Kidkedoo Co-founder, Inbal Miron had this to say about the partnership: “We are extremely excited about this partnership. Knowing that our approach to education is now literally at the fingertips of million of kids is heartwarming. Curious kids become creative and successful adults, so as a mother, I know that our app creates great value for kids, encouraging them to explore more and use a tablet to broaden their horizons.”

Enjoy the ride!

February 16, 2016

As a proud graduate of Google Campus for Moms' (Yazamiot Program) 3rd cycle, I was honored to talk about Wikids in a panel at the opening of the 5th cycle. I joined the Google Campus for Moms' 3rd cycle, while I was already working on Wikids. After 15+ years of experience as an employee in senior product positions in the gaming, forex and e-commerce industries, with experience in working in enterprises and in small startups, I felt I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and start my own company. As a mother of three young kids, I wanted to do something meaningful, particularly for the young generation. Google Campus for Moms was my starting point. Besides the support and encouragements from the program’s founders, I met an array of wonderful and inspiring women with different kinds of expertises and positions in their startups and lives. The networking, the mentoring and the great tips from top entrepreneurs were exactly what I needed at that point. The campus’ great vibe, the nonjudgmental atmosphere, and the constructive advice from experienced, successful, as well as failed, entrepreneurs was priceless.
So good luck to all the mom-entrepreneurs starting now - enjoy the ride! Google Campus for Moms

7 Apps Parents and Toddlers Should Know!

January 25, 2016

"The idea behind Wikids is simple: Enabling kids to explore on their own, see the bigger picture
and see the context between entries from different categories."
We are honored to be mentioned as one of "7 Apps Parents and Toddlers
Should Know" on Xnet - a leading Hebrew-language lifestyle website from Israel

The Israeli Market as a Sandbox

December 3, 2015

Kidkedoo Co-founder & CEO Inbal Miron took part in the Product Excellence 2015 conference. The conference gathered influencers in the product field, including managers, UX designers, product owners and presale specialists.

Inbal spoke about why using Android in the Israeli market for the Sandbox phase of a product is a good decision. While many would claim that the Israeli market is too small, and that Android users are not a good target audience, since they get everything for free - Inbal explained why this combination might just be the perfect setting to try out new products.

It’s Ladies’ (Pitch) Night in Paris

October 7, 2015

We were honored to be selected as one of 10 finalists in the Lady Pitch Night by Girls in Tech in Paris. Kidkedoo Co-founder Á CEO Inbal Miron presented Kidkedoo alongside nine amazing women-entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

All of the finalists had great products, and while early-stage, all were already selling. The event was judged by an esteemed panel, including The Next Web co-founder and CEO Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, 500 Startups’ Bedy Yang, Hermione Way from Vibease, and others.

And the most popular app in the app store is….

Augost 20, 2015

Woohoo! We are #1 in Education all across the board Wikids #1 Appstore

Top charts apps (All categories) #2!!

Wikids #2 Appstore top charts

Watch Kidkedoo apps featured on Israel's Channel 2 News

August 18, 2015

Wikids starts at 01:23

Quiet /Action. Wikids Kids are on the set

August 18, 2015

Channel 2 news in Israel ran a major item about back to school apps, prominently featuring the Wikids apps. We had a blast with Channel 2's wonderful Ido Solomon and Asaf Binder, and the kids were thrilled by all the action.
Kidkedoo and Channel 2 news  Kidkedoo and Channel 2 News

Google Campus for Moms

July 3, 2015

“There are mattresses on the floor for nap time and children are free to crawl around while their mothers talk to mentors, experts and women who have started companies of their own.” Wikids is mentioned on Phys.Org as part of a feature on Google Campus for Moms.

The Curious Story of Pluto

JULY 17, 2015

The Curious Story of Pluto This turn of events actually had nothing to do with Pluto itself. Pluto was still Pluto, with the same mass, the same orbit, and the same 5 moons. Pluto was demoted because science has changed. Astronomers decided that the scientific definition of a planet was insufficient and needed to be revised. Poor Pluto didn't satisfy the new conditions required to be a planet. And so, once the resolution was signed, Pluto instantly turned from one thing into another. Frankly, we don't think it ever got the news.

But there's still hope yet! Last week, NASA's new horizons project released amazing new pictures from its Pluto flyby, garnering a lot of media attention. Pluto has never looked this handsome! Instantly, many voices were raised to bring back Pluto as a planet. Leading astronomers pleaded. Petitions were signed. The people have spoken! The International Astronomical Union has its annual general assembly next month. Will they open their hearts and revive Pluto's glory?

There's a lesson to be learned from this example about how science works. Science sometimes not only discovers things about reality, but also determines what reality actually is. When we were children, Pluto was a planet. Today it’s not. Tomorrow? Who knows? And throughout this process it stayed exactly the same.

When working on the entry about Pluto for Wikids, we wondered: what should we tell our own children about Pluto? Should we be content with calling it a dwarf planet, as a mere statement of fact? Should we say something about its past glory or future opportunities? How can we explain the fact that scientists changed their minds about what it is? It would be rather strange to talk about Pluto without saying something about science and how it works, wouldn't it? Any yet, we don't want our 4-year-olds to be too confused…

After much reflection, we believe that we managed to find some balance. Pluto is such a cool (well, freezing…) heavenly body anyway! This is only one of the many challenges we faced when writing Wikids.

TAU doctoral student launches encyclopedia app that feeds the curiosity of 21st century kids

MARCH 29, 2015

Tel Aviv university "This is not an encyclopedia that answers questions but rather leads to more questions," said Meyrav. "We want to inspire curiosity. The principles governing reference material for adults and kids are very different — just ask your own kids. They have to experience something to really understand it.
The article on

Kidkedoo: Teaching educators a thing or two about learning

MARCH 24, 2015

Physorg Over the last decade, educators veered away from rote learning as the dominant technique for children's education. New curriculum standards call for a greater emphasis on active learning, critical thinking, and communication, rather than the recall of facts to instill a greater love of learning in students and to improve test results in mathematics and science-related subjects.

Now a new encyclopedia application designed and launched by Yoav Meyrav of Tel Aviv University's Philosophy Department and co-founder Inbal Miron-Bershteyn aims to channel a child's natural curiosity toward fun to enrich learning. Kidkedoo, available now on the Apple App Store, is a tablet-formatted encyclopedia that offers curious kids a platform they can use to independently explore the world.

The kids choose what they want to see next. "When I sat down to design the app, I was dreaming about my own kids," said Meyrav, who previously worked on the Hebrew Encyclopedia team. "The project isn't limited to one app. We are trying to spark a larger trend, a major change in the way we educate our children. Rather than encouraging their 'grade-digging,' we should be fostering their natural curiosity."

Exploring the world with an iPad

Meyrav, who with TAU alumna Sharon Arad wrote the 240 entries in the ten categories featured on the app, did so with independent exploration—as opposed to information-dumping—as the single guiding objective. The entries contain carefully crafted text, friendly narration, colorful images, and bright sounds, offering four-to-eight-year-old children a unique tool with which to independently explore the world. The ten categories featured are animals, nature, countries, landmarks, food, space, the human body, musical instruments, occupations, and transportation.

According to Miron-Bershteyn, whose idea it was to initially launch Kidkedoo, almost anything can be explained to young children in fewer than 80 words (or 30 seconds of narration). What's more, said Meyrav, the app contextualizes any information presented. For example, a light tap on a tiger icon leads to one main descriptive entry and three accompanying engaging images—the countries in which tigers reside, the animals that tigers prey on, and tiger-related species.

Meyrav worked closely with psychologists and literacy education experts when drafting the entries, which contain neither ads nor irrelevant links. The app was also certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program and Momswithapps.

"This is not an encyclopedia that answers questions but rather leads to more questions," said Meyrav. "We want to inspire curiosity. The principles governing reference material for adults and kids are very different—just ask your own kids. They have to experience something to really understand it.

"Once I relieved myself of the need to be relevant and to the point, my imagination let loose. Every entry became a challenge—to supply an entry point to more information instead of a mere fact. Ours is a 'tapas' encyclopedia, offering users a chance to sample all sorts of interesting things. We don't want to satisfy kids' appetite for learning. We want to encourage them to keep exploring," Meyrav said.

Kidkedoo, available now in English, will be launched in a Hebrew-language version soon.
The article on

The making of CHRAIME (חריימה)

FEBRUARY 10, 2015

The making of CHRAIME We couldn’t find any good pictures of chraime so we used it as an excuse to make some. The kids volunteered to prepare the dough for the challah. Luckily we managed to take some photos before everything was gone.