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Wikids Apps, Broadening Kids’ Horizons


Did you know that Giraffes can sleep standing up? Or that Pluto is no longer considered a planet? Let your kids explore dozens of entries illustrated, written and narrated with a friendly voice. All of our entries are interrelated, so kids can explore on their own and continuously nurture their natural thirst for knowledge. Let your kid explore independently about animals, space, countries, foods, the human body and much, much more!

Download Wikids: Animals, Nature, Countries, Landmarks, and Food. Download Wikids: Animals, Nature, Countries, Landmarks, and Food.

Especially For Your Kids

Kidkedoo is about making knowledge accessible to young children (ages 3-8) who can’t read yet.
We make this knowledge available through our Wikids apps, an encyclopedia that talks to kids, which present content accompanied by images, text, and narration (30 seconds in a friendly voice). All of the entries are interrelated, offering an independent, endless exploration experience.
We offer amazing content, written from a child’s point of view, which enhances their sense of wonder and encourages them to explore more, because the more they know - the more they want to know...Our Story>>


All of our content is 100% clean and kid friendly. Our apps have no ads or external links.


Turn your kids’ screen time into a meaningful exploration adventure. We encourage independent discovery, which makes the learning experience more engaging and fun!


Give your kids access to tons of entries, and let them explore and enjoy. Wikids opens endless opportunities for activities and discussion.


Kids are naturally curious. We, as parents, believe that our kids should be encouraged to explore independently and their sense of wonder should be cultivated. That is why we created Wikids, which enables kids to learn on their own, even if they can’t read yet, using content that is designed for them.


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